Let us introduce you to some news we have to share with you.  ?

Chatrooms tagging & Dark theme

Starting from June, a user will be able to tag another user while sharing their thoughts in our community rooms! This way we ensure continuity in discussions & encourage the community to grow your emotional muscles together. It is pretty simple - when talking in a chatroom, use "@" and type in another user's nickname. This way the other user will receive a notification that their insight is awaited!

  Also, we are sure that reflection comes in handy before bedtime - it allows you to calm down and relax after a hard day. From now on, you will have the opportunity to switch to the Dark theme - this will protect your eyes and allow you to enjoy the benefits of emotional balance training without the distractions of a bright screen.

Professional traits & Testimonials

Let us make it easier for you to choose the best professional for emotional muscle training!

  From now on, you will be able to see their personality traits and honest anonymous feedback acknowledged by previous clients which will help you choose the most suitable professionals to increase resilience and improve mental fitness.

Smarter 1:1s

  Moreover, the video calls with a psychologist will be fully integrated into our system. That means they will be even more personalized! 

This update also provides functionality for essential video calling features such as the mute & camera on/off buttons. Did someone curious come into your room without knocking? Don't worry. From now on, these updates will help you avoid an awkward moment.

In-app science-backed articles

Get a dose of knowledge about emotional health loaded with science! At the Self-care section of the Mindletic app, you can find a variety of science-backed articles on emotional health topics that will help you enhance emotional literacy. ?

Take care of both emotional & physical well-being with Impuls, Lemon & Mindletic!

We are convinced that to feel good you have to take care of your body and mind. We are happy to announce that we have teamed up with Impuls & Lemon to bring you the opportunity to train your physical and emotional muscles at the same time! ??‍♂️

We are happy to offer special Impuls & Lemon offers to the Mindletic community:

a. Introduce us to your own gym! Free training with a coach online or at your workplace, and a special offer when getting a membership.

b. Get to know our gym! 20 free invitations to visit the Impuls / Lemon club, and a special offer when getting a membership.

Ready to take on a holistic approach to your health? Reach out to us here:

Get started!

More about June events! Music therapist Kotryna held an online lecture on music therapy

  LMTA and VU Art Therapy Program representative Kotryna held a lecture organized by Mindletic: Music and The Human: Art and Health (in Lithuanian). The participants had the opportunity to learn more not only about the benefits of music and its use for emotional experiences, but also to experience its impact on the physical and emotional levels through practical involvement.

New article on our blog! Nurturing your emotional health in a consistent manner

  Being content with yourself and your surroundings is not a given, it is something that we learn to do throughout time. We learn to administer self-care in a variety of forms: we consciously look for the balance in our physical, mental and emotional health. By striving for balance, we build up resilience against nuisances that are outside our control bubble. 

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Psychologist Antanas Grižas and Mindletic founder Ieva Vaitkevičiūtė held an event on Consistent Emotional Muscle Training

  The participants had a chance to hear examples from professionals’ experience on how consistency and community support are related to maintaining a personal well-balanced self.

  Missed the event? We have got you covered. Read the article on that topic in our blog or watch the recorded event!

New Partnerships ?

We’re pleased to announce that we’re partnering with Stebby, Impuls, and Lemon. Check exciting offers in links!

Also, please welcome Metso Outotec, Kantar, Deeper and Šiaulių Respublikinė Ligoninė joining Mindletic mental gym. Let's train our minds together towards a balanced self ?

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