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New article by our psychologist! Discovering motivation within yourself

Motivation is the power that activates the engine of success and moves us towards accomplishments. And yet, staying motivated is a tough challenge for most of us. Our psychologist Vitalija Navickė, specialising in this area of work, shares how to discover motivation within yourself.

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Some more useful articles! After a pandemic, we will choose an employer differently: what questions need to be asked when getting a job?

In the face of a pandemic, employee appraisal is primarily about the organization's concern for its employees, inclusion is about strengthening employee and organizational engagement, and growth is about training and development.

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"We need to train our minds the same way we train our bodies"

The pandemic a year ago forced many to get off the train of a fast-moving life and not only face unseen external problems, but also confront themselves. Maybe for some it was the first time, so there was a natural lack of tools to unravel the conflict in their environment. But don’t break it because everything is passing by, and this crisis is worth taking as an opportunity to strengthen your emotional health. (Page 126-137)

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New in Mindletic: a smarter way to reflect, get insights and analyze behavior patterns

From now on you can reflect on a deeper level by connecting fields of life in relation to your experienced emotions. At the same time, you can analyze patterns per period and topic, focus on specific days or specific experiences.

Meet our psychologists in their intro videos

Meet Vitalija(in LT)

Meet Veronika (in LT)

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Burnout event by Mindletic

Mindletic business partners Ieva and Veronika talked about Burnout exclusively to mindful employees. They highlighted the causes of burnout as well as methods to prevent it. Both online events gathered more than 280 members of mindful organisations.