Supporting mental health at the workplace

Research confirms that poor emotional wellbeing harms and is costly


feeling more stressed due to the global pandemic


Millennials leave jobs due to their poor emotional state


average cost of replacing an employee

Taking care of your employees by introducing mental health program pays off

at least 2.2 x ROI

ROI of interventions is overwhelmingly positive

Improves the resilience and commitment of employees


Company's share value is higher

"Our aim is to create and continuously improve a healthy and inclusive workplace where employees can be their whole self; where we all work together to protect and promote health, safety, well-being and sustainability. We take it as our responsibility to create possibilities for our employees to take care of themselves. Mindletic is a great tool here: emotion journaling encourages people to stay conscious about their emotional health daily; it gives the possibility to connect with each other in community rooms and we, as a company, can be ensured that once anyone finds themselves in a hard situation (and who doesn't once in a while!?) - they have reachable access to professional help"

- Jolita Gurskytė, People Experience Specialist @ Vinted

Contemporary HR challenge: Employee mental well-being

54% of employees worldwide are emotionally exhausted (APA, 2020). With the ongoing COVID-19 pressures it has been projected that mental health will become a pandemic on its own. It is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode if not taken care of.
It is now or never the time to use the potential of mental health strategies within the framework of your organization. More specifically, it is all in the hands of human resource specialists and team leaders to enable the right change for an emotionally balanced organization.

Our team has prepared a white paper on how you can enable mental health advocates in your organization to act now.

Prevent imbalance. Act now. Download our white paper here.