Learning to understand what you feel and name it correctly will not break you, but will make you stronger. In the end, it is like learning a new language.

On 28th of July Mindletic psychologist Vitalija and founder of Mindletic Ieva will come together to discuss understanding your emotions and allowing yourself to feel them  
In this short 30 min live discussion, the focus will lie on questions such as how to understand what you feel, connect physical feeling to mind and deal with (unpleasant) emotions at work. Vitalija and Ieva will also talk about how to feel yourself at work and what influence does appearance, family position and attitude have on you. 

Make yourself a cup of ☕️ or ? and join in!

Date & time:
28th of July 11:00 EET

Duration: 30 min.

Registration to live discussion here

About Vitalija:
Vitalija has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in health psychology and in neurobiology. She has completed postgraduate studies “Basics of mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy”. Like she says, "All this is for my clients to make their experience of the psychological well-being journey as professional as possible.