American psychology association claims that 78% of people in the world experience increased stress levels. It seems like stress is becoming our daily companion and learning more about it would only benefit our relationship with it.

In collaboration with Mindletic, clinical psychologist and co-host of psychology podcast Dialogas, Vitalijus Gafurovas is inviting you to get to know that daily companion better. 

At the event, we will talk about types of stress and how it affects our lives. Why did stress response used to be about survival and now it is more like a killer of us? How can sport psychology contribute to our understanding of stress management?

Join the conversation between Ieva Vaitkevičiūtė and Vitalijus Gafurovas on the 22nd of September at 12 pm EEST and hear more about stress and its management. 🌿

Make yourself a cup of ☕️ or 🎂 and join in!

Date & time: 22nd of September, 12 pm EEST  📆

Duration: 30 min.

Location: Microsoft Teams (link will be sent to those registered)

About Vitalijus 🔉:  Vitalijus is a practicing clinical psychologist who specializes in adults' counseling. He is also working with professional sports teams as well as individual athletes. Vitalijus is co-hosting one of the most listened to podcasts in Lithuania - the psychology podcast Dialogas.

Registration to live discussion here